Cariboo Mountain Adventures

Adventures in the Cariboo Mountains

I was taught to navigate the wilds of the Cariboo, from an early age. Now I’m here helping women find their strength through exploration, friendship, and the great out doors.Cariboo mountain adventures is a safe and inclusive space, for all women to experience hiking, biking, and all the beauty our back yard has to offer- for the first time, or the millionth time.I’m here to teach you, support you, and help you grow through a mutual love of nature.Come adventure with me! (No experience required✌️)     


A Spring Hike in The Cariboo

You heard the lady!! We're allowed to start exploring again (safely of course) SO Friggin Sweet! Naturally with all this down time, I've...

Type 2 'Fun'

October 19 2019 8:00am- The morning begins with me sitting in my truck at the Bowron Lake turn off, drinking black coffee out of a glass...